Before he became known as Fisty Cuffs, Frank Templeton began his music career as a guitar player in a hardcore rock band. The band’s first (and last) show ended with Frank getting off stage and getting into a physical altercation with a man who had been taunting him throughout his set. Thus the name “Fisty Cuffs” was given to him. Unfortunately, the band broke up after this show so Fisty Cuffs started focusing his music on a different genre that had recently caught his attention. Commonly referred to as Horrorcore Rap at the time, Fisty Cuffs quickly became a fan of the theatrical aspect of the genre along with the freedom in the lyrical process.

     Between the years 2000 and 2010, Fisty Cuffs’ career was centered on his rap group, Project Ghetto Creep, or PGC. However, it was a rough start. In the first year of the group, Cuffs was homeless and struggled to purchase the things needed to get the group on their feet. Working full time at a 3rd shift job and battling his desire to provide for himself before the music, Fisty Cuffs not only graduated High School, but managed to overcome all his obstacles and pay for recording equipment as well as the pressing of the first CD. In 2002, PGC quickly became a big name in the Kentucky area with their debut album, 106 Blood Moons. With record breaking CD sales at Music Land stores, they achieved a steadily growing fan base. During this time Fisty Cuffs also established his own company, X-VI Records, and branded the name 10-6 CLIC which many of his fans adopted. PGC came to a heart breaking end in 2010 after a drug addiction took over Fisty Cuffs’ music partner’s life and music just couldn’t be made anymore.

     Starting over as a solo artist was mentally tough for Fisty Cuffs. For the first time in his career, he faced a feeling of insecurity. The transition took some time, but he eventually released an album as well as bought on to his first national tour. The insecurities didn’t stop there however; Fisty Cuffs was completely “solo” on his first national tour! Doing his own driving, selling his own merch, you name it, Cuffs did it alone. The tour was difficult and costly, but Cuffs took the whole thing as a learning experience, enhanced his business sense, and never looked back. Since that first tour, Fisty Cuffs has been a supporting artist on multiple national tours as well as two of his own national headlining tours without buying on to anything.

     Today, Fisty Cuffs continues to tour and put new music out. He has managed to make many friends in the industry as well. One of whom being Michael Puwal, a platinum record producer who is responsible for producing most of Fisty Cuffs’ newer works. Fisty Cuffs is currently working on a new solo album as well as a rock album with his new band. In the next year, he will release both albums as well as make a location change by moving to the Phoenix, AZ area from his current KY home; right after he finishes getting his business degree in college.

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